2015 Basketball schedules have been updated as of 8:50 PM on Sunday, 3/1 - all teams please check your schedule.
    A copy of the Official CYC "formal" roster MUST be presented to the referee(s) at every game for roster/ID card checks.  If the correct roster is not presented to the referee(s) - team forfeits, regardless of game result.  The roster is not kept by the referees/scorekeepers, the coach gets to keep the roster after the roster/ID cards checks are completed. 
In Sports Signup, the correct roster is the "Formal" roster.
Please remember that regardless of grade level, all Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be on the roster and have a valid CYC ID card to be on the court/field or in the bench area. 
All players on teams 5th grade and older must have a valid CYC card and all players must be on the roster to play. 
Failure to provide ID cards COULD result in Forfeit.
Remember - NO Earrings, bracelets, wrist bands, necklaces, piercings, or anything hard in the hair.
Players MUST REMOVE the items, or they may NOT participate in the game.

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March 2015
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id Date Time Location Division
Score Box
Conference Name Conference Name
46991Sun, 03/01/201512:00 PMICD3Girls-East3Girls-EastICD-Westhoff3Girls-EastSts. JandA-Kuehner10 - 12 box 
47777Sun, 03/01/201512:00 PMSacred Heart-Troy6Boys-C6Boys-CSH Troy-Colbert (C)6Boys-CSt. Joe Cott-Haeffner (C)10 - 22 box 
47406Sun, 03/01/201512:30 PMSt. Paul5Boys-B5Boys-BSt. Paul-McLaughlin (O)5Boys-BSt. Peter-Schneider (C)  
46953Sun, 03/01/20151:00 PMASH3Boys-West3Boys-WestASH-Oswald3Boys-WestAS-Kovarik  
46895Sun, 03/01/20151:00 PMICD3Boys-East3Boys-EastICD-Bastean3Boys-EastSts. JandA-Behrens2 - 20 box 
48170Sun, 03/01/20151:00 PMSacred Heart-Troy7Girls-East/WestWestSH Troy-Linneman-West (C)WestSt. Patrick-Danchus-West (C)19 - 33 box 
47225Sun, 03/01/20151:00 PMSt. Charles Borromeo4Girls-A4Girls-ABorromeo-Nikodym4Girls-AHS-Benedict14 - 10 box 
47019Sun, 03/01/20151:00 PMSt. Patrick3Girls-West3Girls-WestSt. Patrick-McKenzie3Girls-WestICD-Charnes0 - 10 box 
47652Sun, 03/01/20151:30 PMAssumption5Girls-C5Girls-CAssumption-Shylanski (C)5Girls-CAS-Duley (C)15 - 14 box 
47021Sun, 03/01/20151:30 PMSt. Joe-Cottleville3Girls-West3Girls-WestSt. Joe Cott-Davis3Girls-WestICD-Luna  
47709Sun, 03/01/20151:30 PMSt. Paul6Boys-B6Boys-BSt. Paul-Mueller (O)6Boys-BICD-Kelley (O)  
47072Sun, 03/01/20151:30 PMSts. JandA4Boys-B4Boys-BSts. JandA-Versheldon4Boys-BICD-Grawer24 - 4 box 
46878Sun, 03/01/20151:45 PMHoly Spirit3Boys-East3Boys-EastHS-Purvis3Boys-EastSt. Patrick-Paterson  
47172Sun, 03/01/20152:00 PMASH4Boys-D4Boys-DASH-Stancy4Boys-DSt. Peter-Morfeld  
47183Sun, 03/01/20152:00 PMHoly Rosary4Boys-D4Boys-DHR-Forrest4Boys-DSt. Cletus-Ostoff  
47277Sun, 03/01/20152:00 PMICD4Girls-B4Girls-BICD-Durnbaugh4Girls-BSH Troy-Miller8 - 21 box 
48382Sun, 03/01/20152:00 PMSacred Heart-Troy8Girls-East/WestEastSH Troy-Stewart-East (C)EastHS-Nelson-East (O)34 - 15 box 
48036Sun, 03/01/20152:00 PMSESR7Boys-AB-East/WestEastSESR-Koenemann-East (O)EastASH-Himich-East (O)  
47940Sun, 03/01/20152:00 PMSt. Charles Borromeo6Girls-C6Girls-CBorromeo-Beerman (C)6Girls-CASH-Ryan/Briner (O)10 - 24 box 
46937Sun, 03/01/20152:00 PMSt. Patrick3Boys-West3Boys-WestSt. Patrick-Lowry3Boys-WestICD-Ramthun6 - 22 box 
47354Sun, 03/01/20152:30 PMAssumption5Boys-A5Boys-AAssumption-Sachs (O)5Boys-ASH Troy-Edinger (C)24 - 33 box 
47567Sun, 03/01/20152:30 PMSt. Joe-Cottleville5Girls-B5Girls-BSt. Joe Cott-Mack (O)5Girls-BAssumption-Bigler (O)  
48369Sun, 03/01/20152:30 PMSt. Paul8Boys-D8Boys-DSt. Paul-West (C)8Boys-DSt. Patrick-Wallisch (O)  
47396Sun, 03/01/20152:30 PMSts. JandA5Boys-B5Boys-BSts. JandA-Mylenbusch (C)5Boys-BICOM-Richterkessing (C)24 - 30 box 
47040Sun, 03/01/20152:45 PMHoly Spirit4Boys-A4Boys-AHS-Wamhoff4Boys-ASt. Patrick-Steckler  
47737Sun, 03/01/20153:00 PMASH6Boys-C6Boys-CASH-McCool (C)6Boys-CASH-Cisler (C)  
47412Sun, 03/01/20153:00 PMHoly Rosary5Boys-B5Boys-BHR-Weir (C)5Boys-BAssumption-Steward (C)  
47273Sun, 03/01/20153:00 PMICD4Girls-B4Girls-BICD-Kohmetscher4Girls-BSt. Joe Cott-Albers12 - 2 box 
48510Sun, 03/01/20153:00 PMSacred Heart-TroyHSBoys-JuniorHSBoys-JuniorSH Troy-EatonHSBoys-JuniorSt. Theodore-Wunnenburg44 - 41 box 
48362Sun, 03/01/20153:00 PMSESR8Boys-D8Boys-DSESR-Grossman (O)8Boys-DASH-Bannister (C)  
48279Sun, 03/01/20153:00 PMSt. Charles Borromeo8Boys-AB-East/WestEastBorromeo-Sullentrop-East (O)WestSt. Joe Cott-Friley-West (O)51 - 41 box 
46941Sun, 03/01/20153:00 PMSt. Patrick3Boys-West3Boys-WestSt. Patrick-Ellis3Boys-WestICD-Winkelmann15 - 11 box 
47943Sun, 03/01/20153:30 PMAssumption6Girls-C6Girls-CAssumption-McMillan (O)6Girls-CSt. Paul-Fischer (O)4 - 25 box 
47877Sun, 03/01/20153:30 PMSt. Joe-Cottleville6Girls-B6Girls-BSt. Joe Cott-Sullivan (O)6Girls-BASH-Schaefer (O)  
47818Sun, 03/01/20153:30 PMSts. JandA6Boys-D6Boys-DSts. JandA-Mikkelsen (C)6Boys-DHR-Klaustermeier (C)16 - 29 box 
47056Sun, 03/01/20153:45 PMHoly Spirit4Boys-B4Boys-BHS-McDonald4Boys-BSt. Joe Cott-Zelnis  
48081Sun, 03/01/20154:00 PMASH7Boys-C7Boys-CASH-Bulte (O)7Boys-CICOM-Crossfield (C)  
47946Sun, 03/01/20154:00 PMHoly Rosary6Girls-C6Girls-CHR-Estes (C)6Girls-CSt. Peter-Kruse (C)  
48151Sun, 03/01/20154:00 PMICD7Girls-East/WestEastICD-Kasubke-East (O)EastBorromeo-Dean-East (O)14 - 16 box 
48465Sun, 03/01/20154:00 PMSESRHSBoys-JuvenileHSBoys-JuvenileSESR-DelarueHSBoys-JuvenileAssumption-Huff  
47627Sun, 03/01/20154:00 PMSt. Charles Borromeo5Girls-C5Girls-CBorromeo-Thro (O)5Girls-CHR-Anderson (C)14 - 24 box 
47076Sun, 03/01/20154:00 PMSt. Patrick4Boys-B4Boys-BSt. Patrick-Meyer4Boys-BICOM-Wehde6 - 19 box 
47762Sun, 03/01/20154:30 PMAssumption6Boys-C6Boys-CAssumption-Stoddard/Miller (C)6Boys-CSt. Paul-Hill (O)13 - 38 box 
47833Sun, 03/01/20154:30 PMSt. Joe-Cottleville6Boys-D6Boys-DSt. Joe Cott-Soval (O)6Boys-DBorromeo-Weymouth (O)  
48117Sun, 03/01/20154:30 PMSts. JandA7Boys-D7Boys-DSts. JandA-Criscione (O)7Boys-DHS-O'Connell (C)21 - 27 box 
47450Sun, 03/01/20154:45 PMHoly Spirit5Boys-C5Boys-CHS-Rodriguez (C)5Boys-CSt. Cletus-DeGeuntz (O)  
48468Sun, 03/01/20155:00 PMICDHSBoys-JuvenileHSBoys-JuvenileICD-DetersHSBoys-JuvenileSt. Theodore-Forbeck47 - 42 box 
48517Sun, 03/01/20155:00 PMSESRHSBoys-JuniorHSBoys-JuniorSESR-KahleHSBoys-JuniorSt. Joe Cott-Schierding  
47357Sun, 03/01/20155:00 PMSt. Patrick5Boys-A5Boys-ASt. Patrick-White (O)5Boys-AICD-Lovette (O)11 - 31 box 
48326Sun, 03/01/20155:30 PMAssumption8Boys-C8Boys-CAssumption-Elder (O)8Boys-CSt. Patrick-Akers (C)23 - 30 box 
No practices found.

 Upcoming Events 
St. Charles CYC District Board of Control Meeting

Tue, 03/10
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
St. Charles CYC District Board of Control Meeting

Tue, 04/14
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
St. Charles CYC District Board of Control Meeting

Tue, 05/12
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
St. Charles CYC District Board of Control Meeting

Tue, 06/09
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
St. Charles CYC District Board of Control Meeting

Tue, 07/14
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM