The schedule online has been updated at 1:09am on 4/21/14. The Baseball / Softball season starts on 4/24/14. Please remember that all Coaches and Assistant Coaches as well as all players 5th grade and older must a valid CYC card and be on the roster to play. A copy of the roster MUST be turned in at every game.

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April 2014
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id Date Time Location Division
Score Box
Conference Name Conference Name
41706Thu, 04/24/20146:15 PMKC #15th Girls5th GirlsSJ - Dehake (C)5th GirlsSJ - Walsh (O)  
41681Thu, 04/24/20146:15 PMKC #24th Girls4th GirlsSJ - Sides4th GirlsSESR - Wilkison  
41558Thu, 04/24/20146:30 PMSJ #11st Girls1st GirlsSJ - Glass1st GirlsSESR - Schindler  
41793Thu, 04/24/20146:30 PMSJ #2PK BoysPK BoysAS - GrecoPK BoysICD - TBD1  
41746Thu, 04/24/20148:15 PMKC #16th Girls6th GirlsSJ - Williams (O)6th GirlsSESR - Schindler (O)  
41708Thu, 04/24/20148:15 PMKC #25th Girls5th GirlsSJ - Kannady (C)5th GirlsHS - Lodes (O)  
41960Fri, 04/25/20146:00 PMJA #12nd Boys2nd BoysJA - Eiswirth2nd BoysHS - Purvis  
42044Fri, 04/25/20146:15 PMHS #14th Boys4th BoysHS - Rodriquez4th BoysAS - Uptain  
41897Fri, 04/25/20146:15 PMHS #21st Boys1st BoysHS - Reddy1st BoysSJ - Edwards  
41754Fri, 04/25/20146:15 PMKC #16th Girls6th GirlsSJ - Behan (O)6th GirlsJA - Rebello (C)  
42085Fri, 04/25/20146:15 PMKC #24th Boys4th BoysSJ - English4th BoysJA - Cox  
41969Fri, 04/25/20146:15 PMTiemeyer Park #22nd Boys2nd BoysHT - Davis2nd BoysSESR - Renz  
41501Fri, 04/25/20147:15 PMHS #2PK/K GirlsPK/K GirlsHS - GrothoffPK/K GirlsSESR - Kuhn  
41714Fri, 04/25/20148:15 PMHS #16th Girls6th GirlsHS - Madden (C)6th GirlsICD - Bodmer (O)  
42077Fri, 04/25/20148:15 PMKC #24th Boys4th BoysSJ - Blasingame4th BoysSESR - Ising  
41653Sat, 04/26/201410:00 AMOzzie #E3rd Girls3rd GirlsICD - Lang3rd GirlsSJ - Albers  
41772Sat, 04/26/201410:30 AMOzzie #B7th/8th Girls7th/8th GirlsICD - Johnsen (O)7th/8th GirlsSJ - Meara (C)  
41727Sat, 04/26/201410:30 AMOzzie #C6th Girls6th GirlsICD - Bell (O)6th GirlsICD - Bodmer (O)  
42042Sat, 04/26/201410:30 AMOzzie #D3rd Boys3rd BoysICD - Youngman3rd BoysSJ - Montgomery  
41596Sat, 04/26/201411:30 AMOzzie #E2nd Girls2nd GirlsICD - West2nd GirlsSJ - Cobb  
42170Sat, 04/26/201412:30 PMOzzie #B7th/8th Boys7th GradeICD - Klein 7th (O)7th GradeICD - Whyte 7th (O)  
42090Sat, 04/26/201412:30 PMOzzie #C5th Boys5th BoysICD - Wolf (O)5th BoysSJ - Cook (O)  
41994Sat, 04/26/201412:30 PMOzzie #D3rd Boys3rd BoysICD - Fales3rd BoysAS - Muich  
42182Sat, 04/26/20142:30 PMOzzie #B7th/8th Boys8th GradeICD - White 8th (O)7th GradeSESR - Carroll 7th (O)  
42133Sat, 04/26/20142:30 PMOzzie #C6th Boys6th BoysICD - Rosner (O)6th BoysHT - O'Connell (O)  
41792Sun, 04/27/201412:00 PMOzzie #E7th/8th Girls7th/8th GirlsICD - Johnsen (O)7th/8th GirlsHS - Brown 7th (O)  
42036Sun, 04/27/201412:00 PMOzzie #F3rd Boys3rd BoysICD - Youngman3rd BoysSC - Osthoff  
41637Sun, 04/27/20141:30 PMOzzie #F3rd Girls3rd GirlsICD - Lang3rd GirlsSJ - Arras  
42149Sun, 04/27/20142:00 PMOzzie #E7th/8th Boys8th GradeICD - White 8th (O)8th GradeSC - Greiner 8th (O)  
41614Sun, 04/27/20143:00 PMOzzie #F2nd Girls2nd GirlsICD - West2nd GirlsSESR - Lanig  
42039Tue, 04/29/20146:00 PMJA #13rd Boys3rd BoysJA - Rubel3rd BoysICD - Fales  
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St. Charles CYC District Meeting

Tue, 05/13
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
St. Charles CYC District Meeting

Tue, 06/10
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
St. Charles CYC District Meeting

Tue, 07/08
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
St. Charles CYC District Meeting

Tue, 08/12
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
St. Charles CYC District Meeting

Tue, 09/09
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM