Soccer schedules were updated at 4:10 PM on Monday, 11/17
    A copy of the Official CYC roster MUST be submitted to the referee(s) at every game. 
If the correct roster is not submitted to the referee(s) - team forfeits, regardless of game result. 
In Sports Signup, the correct roster is the "Formal" roster.
In EZ Rosters, the correct roster is the "CYC Roster".
Please remember that all Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be on the roster and have a valid CYC ID card to be on the court/field or in the bench area. All players 5th grade and older must have a valid CYC card and all players must be on the roster to play. 
Failure to provide ID cards and CYC roster COULD result in Forfeit.
Remember - NO Earrings, bracelets, wrist bands, necklaces, piercings, or anything hard in the hair.
Players MUST REMOVE the items, or they may NOT participate in the game.

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November 2014
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
45671Sat, 11/01/20148:00 AMAssumption3rd Grade Girls/Boys BlueAssumption Sarah HeineyAll Saints Sally Perano  
45826Sat, 11/01/20148:00 AMHoly Spirit4th Grade Girls GoldHoly Spirit RehagenAssumption Hannah Perrin  
46303Sat, 11/01/20148:00 AMSt Joseph of Cottleville7th Grade Girls WhiteSt Joe Tom CordiaJandA Lisa Walls  
46691Sat, 11/01/20148:00 AMSt Patrick7/8 Grade Boys BlueAssumption Mary Ziegemeier (7/8)St Patrick Greg Judge (6/7)  
45686Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMAssumption3rd Grade Girls/Boys BlueAssumption Heather PoropatHoly Spirit Santel  
45954Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMBorromeo5th Grade Girls WhiteBorromeo Tami KnobbeSt Joe Kris Krekeler  
45964Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMHoly Spirit5th Grade Girls GoldHoly Spirit Sone Chan 4/5St Patrick Gabe Schantz  
45898Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMSacred Heart Troy5th Grade Girls RedSH Troy Julie MotleyASH Robben/Grygo  
46242Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMSt Cletus7th Grade Girls BlueSt Cletus John KeevenSESR Cindy Cool  
46500Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton8th Grade Girls GoldSESR Steve MajeskyHoly Spirit Kristi Nelson  
46376Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMSt Joseph of Cottleville7th Grade Girls BronzeSt Joe Michelle CulianASH Parvis/Boerding  
45866Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMSt Patrick4th Grade Girls SilverSt Patrick OrtellSESR Bruemmer  
45758Sat, 11/01/20149:00 AMSts Joachim and Ann4th Grade Girls RedJandA Susie RekoshSt Cletus Kim McBride  
45855Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMAssumption4th Grade Girls SilverAssumption Christa MontgomeryASH Landry/Hammell  
46368Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMBorromeo7th Grade Girls SilverBorromeo Julie BrownSt Josephville TBD  
46528Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMHoly Spirit8th Grade Girls SilverHoly Trinity Sandy RomeroSt Paul Doug Steinmeyer  
45744Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMSacred Heart Troy4th Grade Girls BlueSH Troy KilcullinSt Joe Keller  
46237Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMSt Cletus7th Grade Girls BlueSt Cletus John KeevenHoly Trinity Lori Langdon  
46380Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton7th Grade Girls BronzeSESR Mike CraftsHoly Rosary TBD 6/7  
46431Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMSt Joseph of Cottleville8th Grade Girls BlueSt Joe Kaye BeneLiving Word Greg Gibson  
45702Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMSt Patrick3rd Grade Girls/Boys BlueSt Patrick HeyingSESR Hebenheimer  
45770Sat, 11/01/201410:00 AMSts Joachim and Ann4th Grade Girls RedJandA Susie RekoshICD Jennifer O'Keefe  
45946Sat, 11/01/201411:00 AMAssumption5th Grade Girls WhiteAssumption Heather PoropatAssumption Stephanie Karll  
46116Sat, 11/01/201411:00 AMBorromeo6th Grade Girls WhiteBorromeo Janice BeermanAssumption Cara Ahlheim  
46263Sat, 11/01/201411:00 AMHoly Spirit7th Grade Girls RedHoly Spirit Tracie MaddenSt Paul Michelle Allred  
45715Sat, 11/01/201411:00 AMSacred Heart Troy3rd Grade Girls/Boys BlueSH Troy Donna DavisAssumption Jay McCulloch  
45749Sat, 11/01/201411:00 AMSt Cletus4th Grade Girls RedSt Cletus Kim McBrideBorromeo Colleen Blase  
46354Sat, 11/01/201411:00 AMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton7th Grade Girls SilverSESR Lynne MaasenSH Troy JoAnn Gray  
45788Sat, 11/01/201411:00 AMSt Joseph of Cottleville4th Grade Girls WhiteSt Joe Darren ReynoldsSt Josephville TBD  
46320Sat, 11/01/201411:00 AMSt Patrick7th Grade Girls GoldSt Patrick Kim BurnsSESR Bradbury  
46038Sat, 11/01/201411:00 AMSts Joachim and Ann5th Grade Girls BronzeJandA Caroline DunganSt Paul Darlene Ederer  
46006Sat, 11/01/201412:00 PMBorromeo5th Grade Girls SilverBorromeo Julie BrownSESR Steve Majesky  
46577Sat, 11/01/201412:30 PMHoly Spirit8th Grade Girls BronzeHoly Spirit Gary BrownBorromeo John Englehorn  
46545Sat, 11/01/201412:30 PMSt Cletus8th Grade Girls SilverSt Cletus Laurie SteinkampSt Paul Doug Steinmeyer  
46226Sat, 11/01/201412:30 PMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton7th Grade Girls BlueSESR Cindy CoolHoly Trinity Lori Langdon  
46680Sat, 11/01/201412:30 PMSt Joseph of Cottleville7/8 Grade Boys BlueSt Joe Lori Morrison (6/7)SH Troy Taylor Flynn  
46476Sat, 11/01/201412:30 PMSt Patrick8th Grade Girls WhiteSt Patrick Stacy RosemannSt Patrick Dawn Keele  
46521Sat, 11/01/201412:30 PMSts Joachim and Ann8th Grade Girls GoldJandA Kelly KeagyJandA Kathy Heitzman  
46290Sat, 11/01/20141:30 PMAssumption7th Grade Girls WhiteAssumption Mike WrightHoly Spirit Gianino  
46112Sat, 11/01/20141:30 PMHoly Spirit6th Grade Girls WhiteHoly Spirit AtkinsSt Cletus Shelly Hollowell  
46529Sat, 11/01/20141:30 PMSt Cletus8th Grade Girls SilverSt Cletus Laurie SteinkampSt Josephville Chrissy Wilmes  
46123Sat, 11/01/20141:30 PMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton6th Grade Girls WhiteSESR Corey HahnHoly Spirit Pat Vetter  
46682Sat, 11/01/20141:30 PMSt Joseph of Cottleville7/8 Grade Boys BlueSt Joe Lori Morrison (6/7)Holy Spirit Fletcher (6/7)  
46323Sat, 11/01/20141:30 PMSt Patrick7th Grade Girls GoldSt Patrick Dasha FoxSt Joe Lisa Cafazza  
46532Sat, 11/01/20142:30 PMAssumption8th Grade Girls SilverAssumption Chrysalie WinkelmanASH Blaine/Olive  
46110Sat, 11/01/20142:30 PMHoly Spirit6th Grade Girls WhiteHoly Spirit AtkinsJandA Sean Daly  
46457Sat, 11/01/20142:30 PMSt Cletus8th Grade Girls RedSt Cletus Carolynn KleeschulteSESR Carrie Mejia-Troop  
46586Sat, 11/01/20142:30 PMSt Joseph of Cottleville8th Grade Girls BronzeSt Joe Shelly LangSH Troy Karen Gruettemeyer  
46348Sat, 11/01/20142:30 PMSt Patrick7th Grade Girls SilverSt Patrick Denise ReutherASH Murray/Parvis  
46678Sat, 11/01/20143:30 PMHoly Spirit7/8 Grade Boys BlueHoly Spirit CwiklowskiSt Cletus Kathy Barton  
No practices found.

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Mon, 12/01
12:00 PM
St. Charles CYC District Meeting

Tue, 12/09
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Basketball Season Starts
Sat, 01/03
8:00 AM