Soccer Schedules updated on Sunday, 9/14 at 3:32 PM
Most of the rained out soccer games from the last 2 days have been re-scheduled.  There will be more reschedules over the next few days to resolve conflicts and the remaining rainouts.  (MC 9/14)
Volleyball schedules have been updated 9/11/14 10:34. to resolve some volleyball/soccer/parish conflicts. 
All coaches should double-check schedules.  No matches were changed for the weekend of 9/12-14
    A copy of the Official CYC roster MUST be submitted to the referee(s) at every game.
Please remember that all Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be on the roster and have a valid CYC ID card to be on the court/field or in the bench area. All players 5th grade and older must have a valid CYC card and all players must be on the roster to play. 
Failure to provide ID cards and CYC roster COULD result in Forfeit.
Remember - NO Earrings, bracelets, wrist bands, necklaces, piercings, or anything hard in the hair.
Players MUST REMOVE the items, or they may NOT participate in the game.

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September 2014
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
45688Fri, 09/05/20146:30 PMAssumption3rd Grade Girls/Boys BlueAssumption Heather PoropatSESR Hebenheimer  
46146Fri, 09/05/20146:30 PMBorromeo6th Grade Girls GoldBoromeo Julie MarsekSESR Wedemeier  
45909Fri, 09/05/20146:30 PMSacred Heart Troy5th Grade Girls RedSH Troy Julie MotleySt Joe Donna Glon  
45999Fri, 09/05/20146:30 PMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton5th Grade Girls SilverSESR Steve MajeskySH Troy Amy Nealy  
46089Fri, 09/05/20146:30 PMSt Joseph of Cottleville6th Grade Girls RedSt Joe Angie WesselSt Joe Jennifer Kennedy  
45865Fri, 09/05/20146:30 PMSt Peter4th Grade Girls SilverSt Peter Lauren ZimmerHoly Trinity Kelly Duncan  
46041Fri, 09/05/20146:30 PMSts Joachim and Ann5th Grade Girls BronzeJandA Caroline DunganAll Saints Phil Fairbridge 4/5  
46274Fri, 09/05/20147:30 PMAssumption7th Grade Girls WhiteAssumption Mike WrightBorromeo Erin Kelley  
46070Fri, 09/05/20147:30 PMBorromeo6th Grade Girls RedBorromeo Colleen BlaseICD Dan Thoman  
46662Fri, 09/05/20147:30 PMSacred Heart Troy6 Grade Boys BlueSH Troy Dusty HenkeSt Joe Ray Twohy  
45943Fri, 09/05/20147:30 PMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton5th Grade Girls WhiteSESR BeckeringSt Cletus Nancy Allen  
46057Fri, 09/05/20147:30 PMSt Joseph of Cottleville6th Grade Girls BlueSt Joe Kevin NorthcottICD Debbie Hilke  
46389Fri, 09/05/20147:30 PMSt Peter7th Grade Girls BronzeSt Peter Jen LloydSESR Mike Crafts  
46063Fri, 09/05/20147:30 PMSts Joachim and Ann6th Grade Girls BlueJandA Chris HoughSt Patrick Cheryl Charlesworth  
46552Fri, 09/05/20148:30 PMAssumption8th Grade Girls SilverAssumption Chrysalie WinkelmanHoly Trinity Sandy Romero  
45990Fri, 09/05/20148:30 PMBorromeo5th Grade Girls SilverBorromeo Julie BrownICD Kim Collier  
46357Fri, 09/05/20148:30 PMSacred Heart Troy7th Grade Girls SilverSH Troy JoAnn GraySt Patrick Denise Reuther  
46442Fri, 09/05/20148:30 PMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton8th Grade Girls RedSESR Carrie Mejia-TroopSt Cletus Carolynn Kleeschulte  
46186Fri, 09/05/20148:30 PMSt Joseph of Cottleville6th Grade Girls SilverSt Joe Melanie MaxvillHoly Trinity Wendy Stock  
46470Fri, 09/05/20148:30 PMSt Peter8th Grade Girls WhiteSt Peter Kim ZanderICD Theresa Woemmel  
45691Sat, 09/06/20148:00 AMAssumption3rd Grade Girls/Boys BlueAssumption Jay McCullochAssumption Heather Poropat  
45849Sat, 09/06/20148:00 AMHoly Trinity4th Grade Girls SilverHoly Trinity Kelly DuncanSESR Bruemmer  
45993Sat, 09/06/20148:00 AMSt Patrick5th Grade Girls SilverSt Patrick GrieweBorromeo Julie Brown  
46612Sat, 09/06/20149:00 AMAssumption4/5 Grade Boys BlueAssumption Caroline McCarter (5)St Rose  
45750Sat, 09/06/20149:00 AMBorromeo4th Grade Girls RedBorromeo Colleen BlaseSt Paul Nick Allred  
46236Sat, 09/06/20149:00 AMHoly Trinity7th Grade Girls BlueHoly Trinity Lori LangdonSESR Cindy Cool  
45676Sat, 09/06/20149:00 AMSacred Heart Troy3rd Grade Girls/Boys BlueSH Troy Donna DavisAssumption Sarah Heiney  
45773Sat, 09/06/20149:00 AMSt Cletus4th Grade Girls RedSt Cletus Kim McBrideJandA Susie Rekosh  
45730Sat, 09/06/20149:00 AMSt Joseph of Cottleville4th Grade Girls BlueSt Joe HuelsingSt Joe Keller  
45986Sat, 09/06/20149:00 AMSt Patrick5th Grade Girls GoldSt Patrick Gabe SchantzICD Jamie Jones  
46247Sat, 09/06/20149:00 AMSts Joachim and Ann7th Grade Girls BlueJandA Dan GreenSt Cletus John Keeven  
45836Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMAcademy of the Sacred Heart4th Grade Girls SilverASH Landry/HammellAssumption Christa Montgomery  
46328Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMAll Saints7th Grade Girls GoldAll Saints Jennifer BrooksSt Joe Lisa Cafazza  
46626Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMAssumption4/5 Grade Boys BlueAssumption Martha Kelley(4)Holy Trinity Sandy Romero (4)  
45862Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMBorromeo4th Grade Girls SilverBorromeo Tami KnobbeSt Peter Lauren Zimmer  
46667Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMHoly Trinity7/8 Grade Boys BlueHoly Trinity Donald BonoSt Cletus Kathy Barton  
45823Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMICD4th Grade Girls GoldICD Nick Boschert 3/4All Saints Dave Bequette  
45709Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMICOM3rd Grade Girls/Boys BlueICOM Michelle MolitorAll Saints Sally Perano  
46018Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMSacred Heart Troy5th Grade Girls SilverSH Troy Amy NealySt Peter Kim Zander  
45756Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMSt Cletus4th Grade Girls RedSt Cletus Kim McBrideICD Jennifer O'Keefe  
45886Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMSt Joseph of Cottleville5th Grade Girls BlueSt Joe Amy GoldenICD Kristy Glendinning  
46064Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMSt Patrick6th Grade Girls BlueSt Patrick Cheryl CharlesworthSt Joe Kevin Northcott  
46039Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMSt Paul5th Grade Girls BronzeSt Paul Darlene EdererSt Joe Lisa Bauer  
45790Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMSt Theodore4th Grade Girls WhiteSt Josephville TBDSt Patrick Setzer  
46288Sat, 09/06/201410:00 AMSts Joachim and Ann7th Grade Girls WhiteJandA Lisa WallsSt Joe Tom Cordia  
45895Sat, 09/06/201411:00 AMAcademy of the Sacred Heart5th Grade Girls RedASH Robben/GrygoAssumption Michelle Shylanski  
46040Sat, 09/06/201411:00 AMAll Saints5th Grade Girls BronzeAll Saints Phil Fairbridge 4/5Holy Rosary TBD 4/5  
45829Sat, 09/06/201411:00 AMAssumption4th Grade Girls GoldAssumption Hannah PerrinSH Troy Sonja Trower  
46640Sat, 09/06/201411:00 AMHoly Trinity6 Grade Boys BlueHoly Trinity Kathleen Noles (5/6)ICOM Richterkessing (5/6)  
45904Sat, 09/06/201411:00 AMICD5th Grade Girls RedICD Donna ObertJandA Michelle Breitbach  
No practices found.

 Upcoming Events 
St. Charles CYC District Meeting

Tue, 10/14
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Team Counts Due for Basketball
Sat, 11/01
12:00 PM
Gym Times Due for Basketball
Sat, 11/01
12:00 PM
St. Charles CYC District Meeting

Tue, 11/11
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Scheduling Conflicts Due for Basketball
Sat, 11/15
12:00 PM