Soccer schedules were updated at 12:20 PM on Tuesday, 10/21
The games that were to be played at Sports Center park on 10/18 have been re-scheduled.
Notice:  All Soccer coaches need to look at their schedule for changes, regardless of whether you had a rained out game or not as some had to be moved to accomodate rain-out re-schedules.  
Volleyball schedules have been updated 10/21/2014 at 8:52 p.m.  Those parish coordinators whose teams were impacted have been emailed.  HOWEVER, it is a good idea for all coaches/parents to double-check their schedules to make sure a previous change was not missed. 
Changes made 9/25 & 9/29 impact games to be played at Sts Joachim and Ann on 11/1.  Changes made 10/5 impact games played at HT on 11/8; 11/9 and at SESR 11/9. Changes made 10/21 impact 7/8 Boys at St Patrick moved to 11/1
    A copy of the Official CYC roster MUST be submitted to the referee(s) at every game. 
If the correct roster is not submitted to the referee(s) - team forfeits, regardless of game result. 
In Sports Signup, the correct roster is the "Formal" roster.
In EZ Rosters, the correct roster is the "CYC Roster".
Please remember that all Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be on the roster and have a valid CYC ID card to be on the court/field or in the bench area. All players 5th grade and older must have a valid CYC card and all players must be on the roster to play. 
Failure to provide ID cards and CYC roster COULD result in Forfeit.
Remember - NO Earrings, bracelets, wrist bands, necklaces, piercings, or anything hard in the hair.
Players MUST REMOVE the items, or they may NOT participate in the game.

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October 2014
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id Date Time Location Division Home Away Score Box
45881Fri, 10/03/20146:30 PMAssumption5th Grade Girls BlueAssumption Dave MahadevICD Beth Hall  
46106Fri, 10/03/20146:30 PMHoly Spirit6th Grade Girls WhiteHoly Spirit Pat VetterHoly Spirit Atkins  
46342Fri, 10/03/20146:30 PMSacred Heart Troy7th Grade Girls SilverSH Troy JoAnn GrayAll Saints Joell Webb  
46115Fri, 10/03/20146:30 PMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton6th Grade Girls WhiteSESR Corey HahnSt Cletus Shelly Hollowell  
45944Fri, 10/03/20146:30 PMSt Joseph of Cottleville5th Grade Girls WhiteSt Joe Kris KrekelerSESR Beckering  
45902Fri, 10/03/20147:30 PMAssumption5th Grade Girls RedAssumption Michelle ShylanskiSH Troy Julie Motley  
46283Fri, 10/03/20147:30 PMHoly Spirit7th Grade Girls WhiteHoly Spirit GianinoICD Kathy Clynes  
46154Fri, 10/03/20147:30 PMSacred Heart Troy6th Grade Girls GoldSH Troy Katie MuddSESR Wedemeier  
46232Fri, 10/03/20147:30 PMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton7th Grade Girls BlueSESR Cindy CoolSt Cletus John Keeven  
46079Fri, 10/03/20147:30 PMSt Joseph of Cottleville6th Grade Girls RedSt Joe Jennifer KennedySt Joe Angie Wessel  
46423Fri, 10/03/20147:30 PMSts Joachim and Ann8th Grade Girls BlueJandA Katie PorchiaSt Joe Laura Tepen  
45929Fri, 10/03/20148:30 PMAssumption5th Grade Girls WhiteAssumption Stephanie KarllSt Cletus Nancy Allen  
46261Fri, 10/03/20148:30 PMHoly Spirit7th Grade Girls RedHoly Spirit Tracie MaddenICOM Gail Braungardt  
46205Fri, 10/03/20148:30 PMSacred Heart Troy6th Grade Girls BronzeSH Troy Sasha VandevenSt Josephville Sandy Bampton  
46311Fri, 10/03/20148:30 PMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton7th Grade Girls GoldSESR BradburyICD Kristy Glendinning  
46697Fri, 10/03/20148:30 PMSt Joseph of Cottleville7/8 Grade Boys BlueSt Joe Kris KrekelerHoly Spirit Fletcher (6/7)  
46522Fri, 10/03/20148:30 PMSts Joachim and Ann8th Grade Girls GoldJandA Kathy HeitzmanSESR Steve Majesky  
46307Fri, 10/03/20149:30 PMSt Joseph of Cottleville7th Grade Girls GoldSt Joe Lisa CafazzaAll Saints Jennifer Brooks  
46547Sat, 10/04/20148:00 AMAcademy of the Sacred Heart8th Grade Girls SilverASH Blaine/OliveAssumption Chrysalie Winkelman  
45690Sat, 10/04/20148:00 AMAssumption3rd Grade Girls/Boys BlueAssumption Heather PoropatSt Patrick Heying  
45812Sat, 10/04/20148:00 AMICD4th Grade Girls GoldICD Nick Boschert 3/4Assumption Hannah Perrin  
45740Sat, 10/04/20148:00 AMSacred Heart Troy4th Grade Girls BlueSH Troy KilcullinICOM Reed  
46392Sat, 10/04/20148:00 AMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton7th Grade Girls BronzeSt Thedore HutsonSt Joe Michelle Culian  
45738Sat, 10/04/20148:00 AMSt Joseph of Cottleville4th Grade Girls BlueSt Joe HuelsingICD Robertson  
45839Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMAcademy of the Sacred Heart4th Grade Girls SilverASH Landry/HammellSt Patrick Ortell  
45707Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMAll Saints3rd Grade Girls/Boys BlueAll Saints Sally PeranoAssumption Sarah Heiney  
45700Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMAssumption3rd Grade Girls/Boys BlueAssumption Jay McCullochICOM Michelle Molitor  
45842Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMHoly Trinity4th Grade Girls SilverHoly Trinity Kelly DuncanAssumption Christa Montgomery  
45783Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMICD4th Grade Girls WhiteICD Luke KehoeSt Josephville TBD  
46014Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMSacred Heart Troy5th Grade Girls SilverSH Troy Amy NealySESR Steve Majesky  
46378Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton7th Grade Girls BronzeSt Thedore HutsonASH Parvis/Boerding  
46244Sat, 10/04/20149:00 AMSt Joseph of Cottleville7th Grade Girls BlueSt Joe Amy SchnellSt Cletus John Keeven  
45911Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMAcademy of the Sacred Heart5th Grade Girls RedASH Robben/GrygoICD Donna Obert  
45810Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMAll Saints4th Grade Girls GoldAll Saints Dave BequetteSH Troy Sonja Trower  
46620Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMAssumption4/5 Grade Boys BlueAssumption Martha Kelley(4)ICD Megan Vonderheid (5)  
45694Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMHoly Spirit3rd Grade Girls/Boys BlueHoly Spirit SantelSH Troy Donna Davis  
46622Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMHoly Trinity4/5 Grade Boys BlueHoly Trinity Sandy Romero (4)St Joe Teresa Schmidtberger (4)  
45971Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMICD5th Grade Girls GoldICD Jamie JonesSt Patrick Gabe Schantz  
46163Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMSacred Heart Troy6th Grade Girls SilverSH Troy Lori WeberASH Ginger Roberts  
46665Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMSt Cletus6 Grade Boys BlueSt Cletus John SommerSt Paul Tammy Hoecklemann (5/6)  
46364Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMSt Elizabeth Ann Seton7th Grade Girls SilverSt Josephville TBDASH Murray/Parvis  
46259Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMSt Joseph of Cottleville7th Grade Girls RedSt Joe Ray TwohySt Paul Michelle Allred  
45897Sat, 10/04/201411:00 AMAcademy of the Sacred Heart5th Grade Girls RedASH Robben/GrygoJandA Michelle Breitbach  
46190Sat, 10/04/201411:00 AMAll Saints6th Grade Girls BronzeAll Saints Anita LachanceASH Ruffino/Smith  
46499Sat, 10/04/201411:00 AMHoly Spirit8th Grade Girls GoldHoly Spirit Kristi NelsonJandA Kelly Keagy  
46171Sat, 10/04/201411:00 AMHoly Trinity6th Grade Girls SilverHoly Trinity Wendy StockSt Joe Melanie Maxvill  
45876Sat, 10/04/201411:00 AMICD5th Grade Girls BlueICD Kristy GlendinningSt Joe Amy Golden  
45942Sat, 10/04/201411:00 AMICOM5th Grade Girls WhiteICOM Jeana RhoadesSt Joe Kris Krekeler  
46182Sat, 10/04/201411:00 AMSacred Heart Troy6th Grade Girls SilverSH Troy Lori WeberAssumption Loraine Raziq  
45934Sat, 10/04/201411:00 AMSt Cletus5th Grade Girls WhiteSt Cletus Nancy AllenAssumption Heather Poropat  
No practices found.

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Sat, 11/01
12:00 PM
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Sat, 11/01
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St. Charles CYC District Meeting

Tue, 11/11
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Sat, 11/15
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