Coaches Training FAQS

UpdatedFriday August 28, 2015 byAnn Widner.


What are the Objectives of the Program?

  • To connect the principles of our faith to our players, parents and coaches through sports.
  • To be pro-active in providing useful tools to volunteer youth coaches.
  • To develop a deeper awareness in our coaches of their unique opportunity to impact young people in a positive way.
  • To make a very good CYC parish program even better.
  • To meet the goals of the Archdiocesan Strategic Plan.
  • To offer support and direction to the volunteer youth coaches.

What can your coaches expect?

  • Coaching a CYC sport as a Youth Ministry
  • Your coaches will receive a manual designed to familiarize them with essentially every phase of coaching.  There will be in-depth discussions on:
  • Coaches as Teachers
  • Self Esteem Issues
  • Yelling vs. Teaching
  • In class development of a coaching Philosophy, Goals and Expectations.
  • An in-depth look at a Practice Pyramid coaching style utilizing "Individual Wins.”
  • A detailed review of proper Pre-Season Planning, In-Season checklist and Post-Season evaluations.
  • A detailed discussion on an effective Pre-Season "Parent and Player Meeting” which includes handouts discussing a "Code of Excellence” and a "Parent Participation Agreement” (all designed to reflect the coaches, the parent and the child’s role with regard to: Sportsmanship, Respect and Responsibility).
  • A detailed discussion on how to run an effective practice:  "The Proactive Pyramid”.
  • Strategies in support of:  "Protecting God’s Children.”
  • An Age-Appropriate Approach.
  • Assistance in making youth sports a reflection of our faith.

What is the Cost?

As of July 1, 2013 the cost to attend in person will be $20/person.  Only cash or checks made out to Coaching Coaches LLC will be accepted.  Non-CYC coaches may attend at a cost of $40.00.  The online cost is $19.95 and can be paid with credit card or via PayPal.   (Revised, 6/26/13)

Who Must Attend?

Beginning with the 2014 CYC Basketball season, the program is mandatory for ALL CYC (K-8) coaches/managers, both head and assistant coaches.  This is a one-time training session.  Each following year only new coaches/managers will need to attend.

Do the Coaches need a Card?

Yes, coaches are required to hold a valid CYC ID Card. Coaches who have completed CYC Coaches Training will have an assigned Coaching ID number added to their card.

All coaches need to apply for their Coach's ID Card in one of two methods:

1) Online: ( and follow the directions - those applying for a Coach's ID Card will be asked to enter their Coaching ID Number.  If you do not know your Coaching ID number, click on the button that says Request ID Number.  Your Coaching ID number will be returned to you via e-mail within 48 hours.

2) Attend, in person, an ID Card Session - See the CYC website: ( for ID Card Session dates - those applying for a Coach's ID Card will be asked if they know their Coaching ID number.  If you do not know it, or do not have one, the number can be looked up, or assigned if necessary.  You will receive your coach's ID card at the session.

After the CYC Office verifies attendance at the CYC Coaches’ Training Program session and the Archdiocesan Safe Environment Program verifies that you are in compliance with the Archdiocesan requirements, your card will be processed and issued. Your coach’s ID number will be on the card.
Please allow at least 10 days for the online process.

What should I do if my Card is lost or stolen?        

          A replacement card can be issued for $5.00 by applying for an online ID Card from the CYC. 

Who is Bill Bommarito and Coaching Coaches LLC.

  • Bill is the founder and President of Coaching Coaches LLC – The program is dedicated to the education of Volunteer Coaches – their job is to educate so that coaching becomes easier and even more enjoyable
  • He grew up in St. Louis and played CYC sports for 9 years and as a parent coached for 16 years in the CYC program.
  • He was president & director of a CYC parish program – Umpired in the CYC program and officiated both soccer and hockey.
  • He played 4 years of high school football and hockey (Vianney High School) and 4 years of college hockey (University of Dayton).
  • He taught business classes for 6 years in two high schools in Ohio and coached football and baseball.
  • He was on the committee which developed the CYC Coaches Handbook.

He also created a 30 minute video and 24 page workbook, "Volunteer Coaching:  The Winning Formula” to help volunteer coaches to better understand their role as "coach”.