Baseball / Softball Coach Information

UpdatedSunday April 21, 2019 byMike Cahill.

This section is for CYC Coaches. The bulk of this information will have been sent out to coaches through their parish coordinators, but this is a place where it can be referenced from.

PreK through 4th grade supplemental rules have been updated on 4/21/19. 

Content added on 4/21/19, more to come... If there is a topic that anyone feels needs to be covered here, please let me know - 

CYC ID Card requirements for players and coaches and Roster requirements

For starters, ALL players and ALL coaches (head coach and assistant coaches) must be listed on the participating team’s “formal” roster AND ALL players and ALL coaches (head coaches and assistant coaches) must have valid CYC ID cards (for players) or CYC Coaching ID cards (for coaches), or that person is not allowed to participate in the game. For coaches, the CYC picture ID card must have that coach’s Coaching to Make a Positive Difference (CTMAPD) number on the card. You may run into a coach that has an older Coaching ID card without a picture on it. That coach must also have a valid CYC ID picture card to go with that Coaching ID card in order to participate. A driver’s license or other form of picture ID is not acceptable.

In regard to the CYC ID cards and CYC “Formal” roster, for the regular season games, teams may show the umpires either the actual cards and paper roster, or they can show the umpires an electronic copy of the cards or roster. Umpires should also accept photo copies of CYC ID cards for the regular season games. BUT, remember… NO ID card, no participation. On the main CYC site, there is information on how to order and ID card.

Just to clear another item up, for a person to participate with the team before and during a CYC game, that person must be listed on the CYC roster. The Archdiocese is clear about that with us. They want to make sure that anyone who is participating has gone through the Protecting God’s Children program and has had a background check done within the last two years. The Coaching class is a requirement too. So, please don’t put folks out on the diamond to coach 1st or 3rd base if they aren’t listed on your roster and compliant. A scorekeeper does not have to be listed on the roster, but that scorekeeper should not be in the dugout.

For Pre-K, K and 1st grade games, when we don’t have umpire(s) working the game to check rosters and CYC ID cards, we are asking that the coaches check each other’s roster and ID cards, to keep everyone honest. We have had some 1st grade coaches ask why we don’t have umpires on the 1st grade games, at least for the St. Charles divisions, but we just don’t see a huge benefit compared to the cost of having an umpire on those games, the way that they are currently played.

Game Cards

We ordered enough game cards for each of our 1st grade and older teams to have 10 game cards. Anyway, here we go…

  1. Both teams are required to bring a game card to the game to give to the umpire. On the game card, the team's coach should have filled out the information on the front of the card regarding the game time, date, field, home team’s name, visiting team’s name, etc. On the back of the card, the team’s coach is to list all the players and coaches that are participating in that game.
  2. The game cards are to be given to the umpire(s) before the start of the game.
  3. At the end of the game, the umpire is to print the final score on the game cards and the coach from each team is to sign the game cards. The ONLY reason we ask the coaches to sign the game card is so that they can verify the score as printed by the umpire. If the coach decides to not sign the game card as a way of “making a statement” of dis-satisfaction, they are just losing creditability if the situation is brought to the District’s attention.
  4. Game cards are to be collected by the parish coordinator or whomever at the field is responsible for reporting scores to the District.
  5. For the 1st grade through 4th grade games, scores should be entered into the current Google spreadsheet of the schedule as posted by the District Sport Chairperson. We don’t want to get too behind on score reporting. For 5th grade and older games, the home team coach is responsible for entering those scores within 48 hours of the game – those go in a different location, per instructions on the main CYC website.
  6. Ejections and other items of note listed on the game card need to be forwarded to the District ASAP, so that we can deal with them in a timely manner.
  7. The game cards were printed up on card stock, so that they would hold up a little better than a sheet of paper would during a game. 

Any time that a coach has an issue with the performance of an umpire crew, the coach should keep it to themselves and then take it up with their respective parish coordinator or reach out to the District baseball/softball chairperson. We do not want coaches or spectators criticizing umpires or getting into negative verbal exchanges with the umpires. All that does is set a bad example for the players and encourage more of our umpires to quit. By the way, we seem to be short on umpires, so please don’t chase off the ones that we have…

Field Status Information

To check on the field status for the location where your game is scheduled to be played, each CYC District handles their fields differently.

St. Charles CYC parishes use the Rainoutline App – 636-496-0031

West County CYC parishes use the Rainoutline App – 314-227-0240

North County CYC parishes use th Rainout App - 636-496-0031

South Central CYC parishes use the Rainoutline App – 314-266-6925

South County CYC parishes use their website to show field status updates – follow instructions on page

Re-scheduling Games

The policy for rescheduling 5th grade and older games is on the CYC website with their schedules. h-ttp://

This next section applies to 4th grade and younger games

We want everyone to understand that scheduling the games at all the locations that we use, with the field availability that each parish gives us and the number of parish/school conflicts that each parish submits; is a difficult process. Some fields have lights, some don’t. Some are parish fields, other are city owned park fields. Some parishes play their home games at another parish’s home field.

While we schedule these games for the kids to play, there are several stakeholders that weigh in on when games are played.

  • Parish associations want the games bunched up so that they don’t have their concession stands open during dead periods on a given set of fields.
  • Parish umpire coordinators want the games paired up so that it is easier to get umpires to work the games.
  • Parents don’t want their younger kids playing games in the 8pm time slot, especially on school nights.
  • Coaches want to work around other things going on in their player’s lives, like club sport games.
  • Naturally, as we are a Catholic Sports League, we work around religious events, like 1st Communion and Confirmation preparation and ceremonies.

Now, we realize that there are going to be times that a team may be in a position where they will have to forfeit if they can’t get a game re-scheduled. This year, we are going to try something new with baseball/softball regarding coach-initiated re-scheduling of games.

First, the policy will be that any re-schedule request must be submitted at least 72 hours before a scheduled game’s start time. Reschedule requests submitted within the 72-hour time window before a game is to start will be rejected.

The coach of a team that wants to try and reschedule a game must notify his/her parish coordinator, the District coordinator (Mike Cahill) and the opposing team’s coach making the request. The opposing team’s coach does not have to agree to a reschedule, but we encourage everyone to try and work with each other, as the whole idea here is for the kids to play the games. The opposing team’s coach is to reply to the asking coach before the 72-hour window before game time begins. If there is an agreement to reschedule the game in question, then the home team’s parish coordinator and the District coordinator (Mike Cahill) must be notified before the 72-hour window begins. In that message, the game in questions time, date, location, division, home and away teams need to be listed. Just sending a message saying that your team’s game for June 1st is being rescheduled per agreement of the coaches is not going to work. The opposing team’s coach must send a similar message or confirm the message.

A new game date/time does not have to be agreed at that time; but must be taken care of within seven days of the when the game was originally scheduled to be played. If it is not scheduled within these parameters, the it will go down as a forfeit loss for the team that requested the reschedule. The District coordinator reserves the right to extend this time period if it appears that one of the coaches is dragging their feet in this process. The District scheduler and field managers can assist with providing open time slots to choose from. We want the games to be played, but we must have some accountability, otherwise these things just get drug out and we end up scrambling at the end of the season to get games played. When a new game date/time has been agreed upon, the home team’s coach must notify the District coordinator, the home team’s coordinator and field manager; and the opposing team’s coach must verify that this has been agreed upon. This sounds complicated, but in practice, it shouldn’t be all that difficult. We are just creating a “paper trail” and encouraging communication.

For rainouts, the scheduler will reschedule games based on the availability of fields and the submitted parish conflicts. Once a rained-out game has been rescheduled, if coaches want to try and reschedule, they can use the process as listed in the previous paragraph. Of course, the scheduler will work with parish field managers on these rained out games, as we have done in the past.

A list of coach contact information is being sent out to all coaches. This list is not being published on the District website to maintain some sort of privacy for all the coaches.

Field Names and Abbreviations for fields used in St. Charles, West County and North County for PK-4

Just a quick note regarding the field names and abbreviations. For fields that have names like KOC2A, KOC2B or SEAS2A, the letter after the field number is just there to help with the scheduling program on fields where the age groups that use the field have different game lengths. Pre-K thru 1, 2nd grade and 3rd thru 8th grade all have different time lengths. So, KOC2, KOC2A and KOC2B are all the same field.

Abbreviation = Field Name

Blaiser 1 = Blaiser Field 1 (across street from Holy Spirit parish)

Chesterfield Presbyterian = Chesterfield Presbyterian Church

CPOP 1 = Christ Prince of Peace #1

CPOP 2 = Christ Prince of Peace #2

IW 1 = Incarnate Word Parish #1

IW 2 = Incarnate Word Parish #2

KOC 1 = Knights of Columbus #1

KOC 1A = Knights of Columbus #1A

KOC 2 = Knights of Columbus #2

KOC 2A = Knights of Columbus #2A

Koch Park 5 = Koch Park #5

Laurel Park 16 = Laurel Park #16

St Cletus 1 = St Cletus #1

St Cletus 2 = St Cletus #2

SEAS 1 = St Elizabeth Ann Seton #1

SEAS 2 = St Elizabeth Ann Seton #2

SEAS 2A = St Elizabeth Ann Seton #2A

SEAS 3 = St Elizabeth Ann Seton #3

SEAS 4 = St Elizabeth Ann Seton #4

St Ferdinand Park 1 = St Ferdinand Park #1 (this is a city park)

St Ferdinand Park 6 = St Ferdinand Park #6 (this is a city park)

Manchester 1 = Manchester Athletic #1

Manchester 2 = Manchester Athletic #2

St Monica 1 = St Monica #1

St Monica 2 = St Monica #2

Sts J&A 1 = Sts Joachim & Ann #1

Sts J&A 1A = Sts Joachim & Ann #1A

Sts J&A 3 = Sts Joachim & Ann #3

Sts J&A 4 = Sts Joachim & Ann #4

Twin Oaks = Twin Oaks Christian

St Clement 1 = St Clement #1

Des Peres 1 = Des Peres Park #1

Des Peres 3 = Des Peres Park #3